Asana 的情况跟 Trello 差不多。功能全面、使用灵活,但学习成本较高。不同的是,Asana 记录任务的时间成本可以很低。尤其在 web 端,Asana 允许用户新建不归属于任何 project 的任务,这意味着咱们可以用 Asana 先快速把任务记录下来,然后再添加所属的 project、负责人、due date 等信息。这甚至比打开本地 word 记录还要方便。Asana 的移动端跟 web 端的界面完全不同。确实是为了移动端的操作进行了优化,但好歹保持视觉元素的一致好吗!本来已经很难上手了,还要学习两套界面吗!

Asana is a shared task list for your team – the best way to communicate, organize, and track your work. 

The Asana iPhone app puts the power of the Asana web app in your pocket. 

= Key Features = 
Asana centers your team's communication on tasks, keeping everyone on the same page. 

• Create, prioritize, and assign tasks on-the-go 
• Stay up-to-date with mobile Inbox, push notifications, and badges 
• Search to quickly find tasks, projects, people, and tags 
• Add due dates, recurring tasks, followers, and tags 
• Attach images to tasks (iOS 6+)
• Attach files from Dropbox (requires Dropbox app v2.3 or later)
• Quickly see all tasks assigned to you 
• Navigate to any project to stay on top of the details
• Changes made in the app sync in real-time
• Free: Collaborate with up to 15 teammates at zero cost

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