Trello 是比较知名的团队协作工具了。其最大的特点就是 Board-List-Card 的模式。这使得 Trello 的使用十分灵活,可大可小。你可以把一个 Board 作为一个项目。List 按照默认的 to do-doing-done,把项目中的任务作为card,按照执行阶段分配到不同的list中去项目阶段。也可以用一个 Board 记录一个产品的发展记录,List 设为交互、视觉、开发、测试等各个团队,把产品功能作为card在各个团队中周转。抑或是单列一个board ,分list记录idea、bug、团队问题等等……Trello 移动端的界面也比较美观,拖动卡片的操作在移动端尤其让人爱不释手。虽然 Trello 功能灵活而强大,但上手略显困难。再加上有时被墙,访问速度不稳定,一定程度影响了用户体验。

Organize anything, together.

Whether you're managing a team of freelancers, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a list of stuff to get done, Trello makes sure you're organized and on top of it all.

Like a whiteboard with super powers, Trello is simple to use and infinitely flexible. You'll know exactly what needs to get done, who's going to do it, and what's coming up next. Plus, everything you do is synced and saved instantly to the cloud, so that all your devices are always up to date.

With Trello, you can create boards to organize anything you're working on. Use them solo, or invite colleagues, friends, and family to work together.

Write your ideas down on Trello cards and arrange them in lists on your boards. Add details to your cards such as:

• checklists to keep track of to-dos
• comments to update your co-workers
• photos and videos
• who's working on that card

With the Trello app in your pocket, you can make to-do lists waiting in line at the grocery store, assign tasks to your co-worker while you're on the train home, or upload a photo of that paisley couch you saw the store that's just perfect for the house you're furnishing.

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